What is a kiss?
a symbol of love;
a result of desire.

a kiss is a call,
to a burning fire.

is who you kiss,
your love or your toy?

and does it matter,
if they're girl or boy?

What is love?
the underlying force;
a dream you had.

love is something
that is not bad.

is love the beginning,
or could it be the end?

love is the center,
that will never bend.

Quantum Function

a precise relation between sets, that assigns exactly one element of any subdivision of a quantized physical magnitude to each element of the same or another set..

Want to start a revolution? tell people they could start a revolution.

When you do something, it's like dropping a pebble in a pond. You can watch the ripples you create in time/space and sometimes even the ripples that those ripples create.

If there is an opposition, there will be a cooperative potential..

Divinity is the ability to embrace the divine nature of all things.

They who focus on how things are, may lose sight of how things should be.

When you open your mind, you free your soul.

The process of evolution of mater and energy is sufficient to explain all phenomena in the universe and the existence of the universe it self.

The process of creation by a god is sufficient to account for all of the universe and the occurrence of all phenomena in that universe.

The process of evolution is sufficient to explain god.

God is sufficient to explain the process of evolution.

Reality can not be explained as anything more than belief.

You may not be able to see the ripples, in the ocean of time, but that is because they have always been there.

Rules are not made to be followed, they are made to be enforced.

The self creates itself; experience is just a memory. There is no reality, there is only you.

The self does not arrive from the self, from the material world or from the conscious world. All three of theses things come from one place, or are all directly contained in the same order.

Magic is what ever you believe someone else did.

Science is bringing religions and peoples togeather in common belief of what they already believed.