"if we could awake, from our entire life as if it was just a moment during our sleep, we might know the truth" reality is a dream, and a dream while you sleep is simply another reality
when you look at an object, it is simply your memory that allows that object to look like anything at all. love is a vision of us from "god"
"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure."
- Mark Twain
We need to realize that life is our family and that the universe is out only parent. There is no absolute except love. We run a rat race every day and think it to be the best way. All events are interdependent.

Do you believe in god?
if so, then you must realize everything is his work.
Do you believe in the universe?
If so, you must understand that it contains more than you can ever comprehend and all that is, was and will be.
Do you believe in your self?
If not, then you must understand that nothing can ever happen in your interest.



People want computers. They don't quite know why though. I know this because they are very surprised when they do not do what they want them to do. Computers can do many things, and I suppose that is why people like them. Computers, are like life; both open the doors to many possibilities, but in the use of both some people would rather have the end result and skip the process.

desire: the fuel of the illusionary fire AI=
all icon
all intelligence
all interface
artificial intelligence

love is the universal networking protocol
to realize you must let go of what seems to be the truth

a point is a thing that has a relationship with something other than itself

the point, relationship and other point are a system

a system can be a point, but a point can't be a system

ex: point a is opposed to point b. the system is a<>b; there is point a and there is point b. now a<>B can be opposed to point c

ex: c<>a<>b or c can be opposed to just a ex: c<>a

so a point is a or b, ect

a system is a<>b, ect

there is only one type of relation: opposition

(if there is nothing but a and b, then there are 2 states of relation: a<>b or b<>a. they are essentially the same except to a or b itself. in effect, a sees b but not itself, b sees a but not itself, hence 2 states.)

Relativity is quite simple you see,
in the way there's you,
and the way there's me.
Its as simple, as can be;
it also explains how there is we.

It explains a hat,
fitting on your head,
and what you think,
when you are dead.

The moment is now, and now is always.

An end to the universe can not be found because it is impossible to experience not being.

I'm content to dream,
and dream i do.
because you read this,
proves i dream you.

You're content to dream;
content you'll be;
long as you know,
you only dream me.


thy: of or relating to the or thyself
ought: moral obligation : DUTY