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Reference Sources
Below are some of the internet's best reference sources for research on almost any topic.

Has every possible word, including scientific, computer, legal, business, medical and scientific/engineering terms.

Google Web Search
Google is the number one web search.

The free encyclopedia.

Forign Language Translator
Translates between English and Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Computer Science reference source from NIST.

Acronym Finder
Any acronym defined.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Very detailed.

The Six Main Classes of Words
English Language

How Stuff Works
Explains how almost everything works with pictures, diagrams and real world examples.

For computer system and netork security.

S.O.S. Math
Everything math related under one roof.

Google Glossary
Gives definitions for any word based on information extracted from google's web cache

The Ultimates
Many different people, email and telephone directory searches on one page.

The CIA Wolrd Factbook
Contains census type information on every country in the world.

Price Watch - Street Price Search Engine
Compare current prices on electronics and other products from many online vendors

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